I felt a little sorry for the doctor. She was trying to explain it, but the guests were just not agreeing with her. 

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Some people just don't understand

How could anyone trust someone who looks like Heath Ledger's Joker!!!

I have never actually wanted children. My biological clock is not broken (I think it works really well, since my not wanting kids goes very well with the fact that it is medially ill-advisable for me to have them). And my parents did not screw me up in some way emotionally.  The people that are screwed up are the ones who have children because they feel they are "supposed to" (and don't have the balls (or lady-balls) to tell those pressuring them to shove it) or feel that they will regret it later.

I have zero maternal instinct; babies are totally boring to me.  I could not understand it when my coworkers at my last job all flipped out in excitement when people would bring their babies in for a visit.  After they are a month or so old babies are kinda cute, but a kitten or puppy is way cuter and way more fun to play with.  Kids don't actually get interesting until they can at least play CandyLand by the rules.

heh heh "lady balls". A crying baby instantly makes me agitated; i mean, to the point of wanting to scream myself. As i get older, i sort of can see myself as being someone who could be a good uncle (non blood related), watch a kid for a bit, or take them somewhere, etc. No interest in the baby stuff. I'd say an age where they play candyland would be a good start. 




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