As a card-carrying member of Generation X, it has not escaped my notice that many, many of my friends remain child-free. When I try to think back to my own mother's friends, I can't recall any of them not having their own children. Yet I would say probably 43 percent of my female friends don't have kids.

What the heck is going on?

One article expressed the opinion that Gen Xers are overworked, underpaid, and just don't have the expendable income that is required to raise children. As an overworked, underpaid mom myself, I kind of call b.s. on that idea. Not that we shouldn't have support in place in our stressed economy to help people when they want to become mothers -- we should. But I don't think paid maternity and paternity leave, subsidized day care, and universal health care are the deciding factors when people make a baby.

All of the above would have made my life dramatically better in the early days of having my own babies, yet I still had them. Sure, I complained about it, my marriage was stressful as a result of having zero support in these arenas, and my health suffered. But again, I had a second child knowing all of these things.




Yeah. If she was dumb enough to willingly choose to have a baby even though she didn't have support, it drained her finances, and deteriorated her health and relationship, then what's stopping you?

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Having a child is something that should only be undertaken after great consideration.  If women are choosing to postpone or not to have children whatever the reasons, its probably a good thing.  Having been the unwanted child of an unplanned teenaged pregnancy, let me tell you it's no bed of roses.
I could call PRG a lot of things.  Moron isn't one of them.
Okay, now I"M the moron.
Thankfully, no.
I am only a moron in the sense that I didn't know who you were calling a moron.

The only justification she gave was that she's a "better person". People are such good judges of themselves that we should always believe self-proclamations!


And if she, as a mother and now a "better person", is telling people that they should have kids even if they don't want to, she must have been a super shitty person before that.

Maybe "moron" was a strong term. I don't know her personally so I shouldn't go that far. Her entry certainly doesn't show any evidence of rational thought.


Nope doesn't show rational thought at all.

I don't know the statistics on this either, but I'm wondering if the 57% or so who are having kids, aren't they usually having pretty many kids? So if some other people don't, that evens things out.

That 28% of not had children is surprising... somewhere else on these threads, I remember that something like 82% of males did procreate and 87% of women did. I'm supposing yours and these both pertain to the USA.

(Edited for opposite meaning!, sorry)

Indeed, it's so important in these kinds of surveys to include the basic demographics and survey criteria :)




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