Michelle Duggar miscarried her 20th "child" (fetus):


Why am I not crying for her? 

A miscarriage often happens when there is something fatally wrong with the fetus; Mrs. Duggar is 45 years old, at high risk of having a child with down Syndrome.  I hope she gets the message and has her tubes tied.  I can't imagine Jim Bob, or whatever his name is, having a vasectomy.  Even for her sake. Pity.

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Oh yeah! I just read about that on the news. -- I'll read that article link you have there.

I love your title.  That exact phrase was in my head when I saw this story on the news this morning.  She will get pregnant again.  Why in the world would she get her tubes tied?  God is handling everything.  Apparently, god loves dead babies. 

And starving children in 3rd world countries.

Oh, yes, and she/he/it (say that 3 times real fast) probably really gets off on the desperate prayers of frightened children being raped by his/her/its ordained "representatives."

YHWH is a Dirty Old Man.

I'm wondering if her doctor(s) have told them to stop...for her own sake, and the sake of the children she already has.  The woman is 45, and she's been a living Clown Car for...what?...25 years.  Enuf is enuf...or, in this case, way too much.

And if I hear another doofus say it's "God's will," I will come back with, "you mean 'god swill,' don't you."


Clown Car!

I can't claim credit for that phrase being attached to Michelle Duggar.  A few years ago a Demotivational Poster popped up on the net...lemme search to see if I can find it <clicks another Window>

Okay, I found it...it's from 2006 when they "only" had 15 or 16 kids...

Note the frumpy dresses on the girls; do you think they hate them?  As a teen, even back in the frumpy '50s, I would have gone naked before allowing myself to be photographed in one of those feed sacks!

Very nice.

Hell, I'll pay for Jim Bob's vasectomy.

I'll do Jim Bob's vasectomy for free.


With or without anaesthesia?


let's hope with

Oh, why?  I wanna hear him yell.  (Actually, I think they do it with a local...and some Valium.  That's the way my carpal tunnel surgery was done, and that's a lot more complicated.) Snip.  Snip. 





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