As I can't find the original "Grossed out" discussion, I'm guessing that poster left the site. So I'm starting it up again.

Because for all the deliciously disgusting stories that went through the previous thread, I'm pretty sure what I'm seeing right this second just trumped everyone else's story.

Changing your child's diaper on an eating table at KFC. 

There are so many levels of wrong going on here I am speechless. Not on the floor far away from the eating area. Not on the floor near the eating area. On the fucking table where someone else will sit down to eat today. In the window. In full view of the rest of us who are eating. Well, 'were' eating, now struggling not to upchuck it all.

Kindly share your gross-out stories that make you that much more glad you don't have kids. But I seriously think this one will be hard to top.

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G (hard g)eeeross!
I should not be surprised at the self-absorption and selfishness of some people, but the public diaper changing certainly deserves some sort of award.

I used to work in a food co-op with bulk food bins. There was always some flaky parent who would be too busy talking with someone while their DNA extension rampaged around, sticking their filthy hands into the bins. I think the cherry on top was the day the kid came out of the bathroom, (I heard no toilet flush or water running in the sink signifying that hands had been washed) and started toward the bulk bins.

Uh, no. The customer is not always right.
That's one of many things I made sure my business partner agrees with me on: The customer is indeed NOT always right.
Having worked fast food, retail and telephone customer service, I would like to go back in time and sterilize the parents of the idiot who came up with the phrase "the customer is always right" before they had a change to create that idiot.

I would be fired if I ever worked somewhere with bulk bins and kids (or even adults) that stuck their hands in the bins. That is just nasty, you never know where someone else's hands have been.
If the customer REALLY were always right, we could just go in and take stuff for free.
Having worked fast food, retail and telephone customer service, I would like to go back in time and sterilize the parents of the idiot who came up with the phrase "the customer is always right" before they had a change to create that idiot.

Or my other favorite, being a federal employee; "I'm a taxpayer! I pay your salary!"

First of all, my federal job is not salaried by tax dollars. My salary comes from the fees one pays at the park entrance.

Second, yes. You do still pay my salary. When you buy things at the grocery store, you are paying their salary. Every business has its salaries paid by the customers. Does that mean you get to dictate how the grocery store is run?

I'd be like "whoop de doo, you pay my measly, paltry salary, which is kept at a bare minimum so that you can have low prices"--it's true!
Just saw this on Facebook, posted by someone I graduated with, name removed and a few words changed to protect the innocent:

...K*****'s being treated for what we thought was a staph infection. Kid plus scratch on the face plus runny nose equals infection. Same old thing for more than the last week, an excessive runny nose all day! This particular day though, she blew her nose and out came a gigantic POPCORN KERNEL?! We haven't had popcorn in over a month?! Talk about a 'foreign' object causing the infection!
Everyone join with me please: Ewwwww!
Ewwwwwww ... *reaches for barf bag*
Just got back from my friends' house. Their kid is toilet training. So after she is done with that she walks around with no pants on. Little kids tend to touch themselves when they have no clothes on. I was kind of grossed out paying attention to all the other things the kid was touching. With some germ-related things I just try to suspend my disbelief. Still, I made sure to wash my hands when I left.
Ewwww indeed.

The result of this kind of thing when the kids get older and work at, say, a movie theatre?

My local theatre sells reusable cups, which I use and re-use. I always ask for my soda without ice and about half the time, out of habit, the kid behind the counter starts to scoop ice into my cup. When I politely remind them "No ice," they almost always simply dump the ice from my cup back into the bin.

Now I know I've cleaned the cup, but no one else knows that. It could be filled with all kinds of spit, pet hair, mud, scum from the last several times I've used it ... all of which gets on the ice which just went back into the bin to be served to someone else.

Not the main reason I opt for no ice, but an increasing-in-importance one.



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