I ran into a friend of my late mother. Gwen used to try to push me into breeding babies.  I told her that I have no desire to have children and if my mother wanted grandchildren then she will have to love my pets as her grandchildren.

Gwen asked me the stupid question about my not having children.  She asked if I changed my mind and I said hell to the naw.  She asked who is going to take care of me when I get older and I told her "she is/was" and she asked me to elaborate.

I said even if you are dead and gone your tax dollars will see to my care.  I left her standing in the middle of the sidewalk trying to figure that out.

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I've had a few people tell me the same thing over the course of my life, that children will take care of you when you get older, but there's no guarantee that they will. Who's to say that your kids won't move to some remote part of the country when they "leave the nest" and you'll see them only on Xmas or something?

Back in the 1980's I put my trust in my own hard work and abilities to make investments. I was able to retire at 53. I never regretted remaining a childless bachelor.

We're often told by religious folk that our role as women is to have babies. Well I'm sorry. It doesn't seem to work. If god (assuming he exists) wanted me to have babies, he should have given me some important things

  • a lobotomy (so that I wouldn't get bored or want a career)
  • I'd need to actually like kids
  • a husband (because he says we can't fuck outside marriage)
  • ovaries that work (mine never did)

So there's something missing here. And the churches need to get off our female backs and leave us alone.

LOL.  I am always telling people that my name is not in the buybull saying Regina, you must be fruitful and multiply.

No one should bank on their offspring taking care of them when they are elderly. For one thing, it rarely happens: At best, they will pay for a nursing home. Long term care insurance is a better bet for that. Long past are the days when the younger generation took in and took care of the elder generations - middle-aged people heard of their grandparents or great grandparents caring for their parents or grandparents.

The stupid questions about when I was going to have children slowed down and stopped about the time I turned 40. People ask me now. I either tell them the fact that I never had children, or if they push, I'll tell them that "I forgot". :)

I decided in my early 20s to spend my life childfree. Recent geo-political developments keep making me happier and happier that I am not responsible for the creation of anyone on the planet.




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