I'm not sure if this was brought up in any previous discussions but I thought that I would see what other people's experiences were.


I recently sent an e-mail to a woman expressing interest and she just replied "Had me till I read you didn't want any kids".

This really sucks!

I'm 30 and most women in the 25 to 35 year old age range either have kids or want them at some point. 


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I believe there is a child-free dating site, but I could be wrong.



Thanks I'll have to try find it. I don't know why I didn't think about that duhh!

I tried the child-free dating web sites and I think I'll have more of a chance with a Plentyoffish type site just because it's mainstream.


Thanks for the suggestion  

I could see that, because if a dating site is too specific then people are extremely narrowed down.

It's really weird, non-child bearing is one of the strongest remaining stigmas in my life. I find it even more weird when so many people hold philosophies such as:

"We're not like other animals, we don't have to fight, or rape or pee anywhere, or respond to our animal instincts"... we're so HUMAN, we are brains before brauns, bla bla bla


The people who most say that are the ones who are the most inclined to procreate, so much for not following their "base animal instincts".


As truly brainiac beings, people should see the need (planetary) to drastically reduce human breeding.


Dating is horrible for us non-procreators. I think there are more anti-no-procreation people out there than there are anti-atheists or homophobes!


Procreation is seen like modern neo-liberalism, a given that "how dare we should critisize", sigh.


I've given up on dating, and breeders are one of the reasons.


I agree.  Stop having kids!  We don't need anymore.


I recall an email forward from someone in my family that called for xians to have more babies, because they aren't having enough.  If they don't get on it, the Mexicans and the Muslims will outnumber them.  I'm not making this up.  I'm going to look for the video now.

I'm still fairly new to this forum, and to this group.  But I have been reading the posts on this group and I hear many stories of people having their childfree existence challenged, stigmatized.


I know that this is true because I've experienced it myself, and becasue it has been an undercurrent in so much of my life.


I agree with what TNT666 is saying, that we should be able to decide what we do.  We are different from animals.


I also agree that dating is a no win situation.  Its a consumer consumption ritual.  So its intended as a preliminary step in the direction of filling such a role.


So if we have opted out, then dating is never going to be a good move.


So we have to invent some other kind of a script.


For myself, I'm not right now so concerned with not having kids.  That is a given for me.  Rather, my primary concern is that I want to attack the family system.


In general though I feel that those who do not want to have kids would do well if they looked further and found a more radical position.  I mean, why be relegated to a socially defensive position, a second class position.  Figure some way to take a militant offensive position.


Thought not completely related, my interest is in finding allies and attacking the family system.


But in the broader sense, I do not identify with the lives of people who have children.  I never have.



Being gay and childless is a bonus.  Gay women with kids have a harder time dating.  I'm certainly not interested in dating anyone with younger kids or even teenagers.
I can recall only a couple of instances in which women wouldn't date me because I had no desire for children after marriage. On the other hand, I probably have rejected dozens of women because they couldn't even bear the thought of having a childless relationship. This hasn't done much for my social life, but I have no regrets.
Thanks for the input everyone I really appreciate it.
I've been finding that a lot of the men I see who don't want children also don't want monogamous relationships. :(

The only justification, in our nuclear homes style society, for a "monogamous" father figure, is to provide resource stability for the pre-pubescent years of youth. And even given those conditions, a majority of men can't handle it.


I have zero expectations from monogamy, other than sheer luck and ridiculously hard work as well as tolerance of the utmost horrors. We will all be much happier people when we forget about life long monogamy :)




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