I Need People Ready to Fight!

I need people who are actually trying to inflict consequence on the Family System.  This means attacking the foundations and mechanics of its power.  This means holding parents accountable.

I need people who are trying to inflict consequence, instead of opting for Recovery and Therapy.

The Recovery Paradigm is based on Liberal Pedagogy.  This is a philosophy which reifyies the Family System.  It amounts to worshiping the Holy Family.  It is a means of denial.  Its also a repackaging of Sin and Salvation.

Psychotherapy is predicated on squelching aggression.  Until such aggression is gone, one is deemed to be in need of more therapy.  This is tantamount to rape.

So I need people who are trying to attack the family system, instead of punching pillows and venting histrionically.

Its not just my family or any one persons family.  Its and entire social order and a power base.  So I need people who are trying to find ways to attack the Family System.  The going may be tough.  Initial victories may be limited.  But I need people who are trying and who are rejecting Recovery, Psychotherapy, Live and Let Live, and the Self-Reliance Ethic.


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Poor Philippe Henriot

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I know all about Daniel Mackler.  He is very critical of the Family System.  His perceptions are very good.


BUT, Mackler also advocates Enlightenment Seeking.  This is dissociation from the world of lived experience.  Mackler does nothing with intervention, confrontation, or redress seeking. 


So the first part I agree with, the second part I am oblidged to oppose.  Enlightenment Seeking is denial.






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