I am so tired of hearing people talk about their kids and being parents.  I know this sounds lame.


But I am.


I just simply can't relate to it.


And although I know better, I still feel like society judges me so much for not being a mother or for not being married or for not even adopting/being involved with children.



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I completely agree.  I'm 22 and over the last few years quite a few friends and acquaintances have had babies, and I'm sick of being expected to squeal and coo with feminine glee whenever I hear yet another one is pregnant.  What I feel is pity for them that they're, in my view, ending their lives before they begin (maybe that's not how they feel, but that's what it looks like to me) in addition to the annoyance at the assumption that, because I'm female, I get teary-eyed and dough-brained at the mere thought of motherhood.

I'm now 40 and most of my old friend's kids are in high school or college.  I'm hoping to actually get to spend a little time with them before the grand-kids take over their lives.  *sigh*  


When people ask why I don't have kids I tell them "I don't like kids.  I didn't even like them when I WAS a kid."  They seem shocked at the idea of a woman not liking kids.  But as a bonus they never ask me to babysit.  I have still never changed a diaper!  

Just remember that you have the freedom and the extra money. You can watch porn and R-rated violent movies, and you don't have to buy a bunch of stupid Disney DVD's if you don't want to.  Or maybe you do. But you don't have to strap a childseat to your car every time you want to go somewhere! You're golden.

Healthy selfishness.




People tell me it's selfish not to have children.


I tell them, "Honey, I think it would be selfish if I had a baby just to have a baby, or because I am "supposed to".  And then the poor kid ends up messed up because I don't take care of it right.  Just like what happened when I was a baby."


They still look at me funny, but that usually shuts them up.



I think it is selfish to have children. 

You have to realize that their lives revolve around their kids. Every single thing they do has to take into consideration the fact that it either will affect the children in some way, or it will be affected BY them. They can't just take off and go camping because school just started, and the kids need new school supplies, and school supplies cost money, and Joey needs braces, and Linda needs new equipment for softball, and now there's no money for camping. Take the kids? That would mean hiring a babysitter, and they're way too expensive, and Becky is allergic to juniper, anyway.


Seriously, try to have a conversation with a parent about anything and chances are it comes back to the kids. I don't have a problem with this, though, as that's just how life is when you're a parent. Since the majority of adults have kids , there is no way to escape hearing about them. I just use the opportunity to be very, very grateful that I never had any!




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