Jezebel, you deliver yet another reason for me never to have kids--Mom gets arrested after leaving her son napping in a hotel room while she goes downstairs


A quote from the article:

 For some people, those first few years can't end soon enough. In last weekend's Times, Gina Bellafante asked whether Manhattan single mother Xiao Xu Wu, who was arrested after she slipped out of her Connecticut hotel room on a recent Tuesday to hit the slots while her 5-year-old son napped, is as egregious as everyone seems to reflexively think.

Luckily, nothing terrible happened to the casino kid during the alleged 3,600 seconds he was unsupervised. Somewhat hilariously, he awoke from the nap, then called the police to calmly let them know he was by himself and watching a little TV.


So your precious spawn could get you arrested because you left them, safely napping in your hotel room to watch tv.

I don't know about you, but I like my hobbies. I'm not willing to give them up for 13 years just to juggle a career, unpaid work for kids, and unpaid housework to take care of a useless male.

I say useless because every guy I've met so far that wants kids is all "oh, I'm having 6, I already have their names picked out, and she'll do all the care for them, I'm not going to learn about kid's clothing sizes or how to get gum out of hair--that's her job."



(Jezebel is the gem of a place that I learned you apparently poop right when you're giving birth--if there's anything in your colon it comes out right before the baby, and the doctor/nurse usually gets to clean it up so you don't have the baby in it. Miracle of childbirth, and whatnot? 


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"I hate being a mom" is indeed a 'secret confession'. PRECIOUS!

It is so true... We simply can't waste time arguing with parents on this topic because once you're a parent, it's like... morally illegal or something to say we regret it. Secret confessions is something we need to do more of... until the secret is large enough that it comes out on its own :)




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