I think my vagina wants to vomit...it's so disgusted with this clip..

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What I found telling about the video is that Rachel Scott hedged when talking about latinos and wouldn't admit that catholics are christians. They are breeding a xtian army and it says so in their literature.

Most definitely. Not only do they scoot around trying to establish themselves as totally separate of Catholics (disregarding the fact that they basically hold the same values when it comes to birth control and family planning), but they fail to see the army connection. An army for their god, who will take back the world as their rightful Christian place. No, they're just doing god's will by allowing him to use their vaginas as clown cars...while simultaneously claiming they're both submissive and independent...
But it was almost fun to watch her hedge on that issue. You can just see what she wanted to say, trying sooooo very hard to break through what little I'm-on-television filter she has.

"Well, Latinos, you know, brown people who aren't really 'people,' who are mostly Catholic, in other words, 'Non-Christian, hedonistic devil worshipers'..."
We already did multiply and populate and cover every corner of the earth, and all that, and we're not being fruitful anymore. Multiply and be a fruitcake, more like.

The only positive thing I can say about them is, as far as I know, they also believe if a woman is infertile, it is God's plan. I remember the McCaugheys who had septuplets believed that it was God's will that they had septuplets, despite the fact that they had septuplets because they were infertile.
These women terrify me. I call for the separation of church & twat!

THAT'S a petition I would sign!

"Childbirth is no more a miracle than eating food and a turd coming out of your ass." Bill Hicks

That is the funniest quote I have heard in ages.
I barely made it past 15 seconds in; trying to wrap my head around the cruelty of naming their child "Leviticus." That was the first bit of bile to show up in my vagina.

Yet somehow trudged through to the 48 second mark, when my vagina began to dry heave at the thought that there's actually a book titled "Birthing God's Mighty Warriors." Why not just call it "Breeder Cows For Jesus' Loving Assassins?"

Then by the end, where the main breeder cow, who wrote "Breeder Cows for Jesus' Loving Assassins" "Birthing God's Mighty Warriors," gleefully laments about how they are indeed increasing the numbers of Xian Warriors to change the laws of the land, but says it's not at all political.

At which point my vagina indeed vomited.
Denial is not just a river in Egypt...Xd
It seriously must hurt sticking one's head so far up one's own ass.

But then if you're striving to pump out as large a liter as you humanly can during your fertile years, you get used to the pain.
It will be interesting to see just how far from the tree the apples fall. I'm guessing that out of piles of kids grown in a fundamentalist home like that, a significant number rebel. I wonder what kind of mental gymnastics these people will have to perform to see that as god's plan.




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