I just sent the following to about 20 friends:

After Planned Parenthood and the Susan G. Komen Foundation, it's clear that women's rights are under attack. Join us at One Million Strong for Women in taking stand for women's rights, women's health, and women's freedom.

The letter below was addressed to me, so you need to read it and then click on the link ABOVE to sign the petition.  And then forward it to anyone you know who feels as strongly as I do about this issue.  PLEASE! 
(If we advocate spaying and neutering our pets, we ought to think about doing the same for ourselves if we do not plan to breed.)


You’ve probably already seen this picture going around the internet:

It’s a photo of the all-male panel that House Republicans called to testify at a hearing on contraception and women’s health on Thursday. As my friend, Rep. Carolyn Maloney put it, “Where are the women?” And this hearing came on the same day that one of the major financiers behind GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum suggested women use aspirin for contraception by "put[ting] it between their knees."

It’s outrageous -- and even more reason that we need 2012 to be the next Year of the Woman!

Add your name to "One Million Strong for Women" today, and show the far right we will not accept these attacks on women's rights.

But it gets even worse.

Twenty Republican senators have now signed on as cosponsors of the “Blunt Amendment,” a measure that would allow an employer to deny coverage for any health care service to anyone -- women, men, or children -- for any reason, even services that can save a life.

You don't have to be a religiously affiliated institution. You don't even need to have a religious objection. No matter how important or life saving the health care service is, if it is against your "moral conviction," then you don't have to offer it. Period.

Passage of the Blunt Amendment could block millions of employees from life-saving health coverage, just because their boss says so.

If your boss believed STD’s are a result of immorality, they could deny screenings and treatment that could save your life. If your boss believed that women should only have children when married, they could deny prenatal and maternity care. If your boss didn’t believe mental health treatment was appropriate, they could deny you coverage no matter how severe the condition -- even if that denial results in homicide or suicide.

This dangerous amendment is a broadside attack on health care coverage for all Americans -- and it’s an even more egregious attack in the GOP's War on Women. We need to speak out now, before this amendment comes up for a vote in the Senate.

Add your name to "One Million Strong for Women" today, and show the far right we will not accept these attacks on health care and women's rights.

I am amazed that now, in 2012, Republicans would have us go back to the medical dark ages. But that’s exactly what they’re trying to do.

Since 12 of my colleagues and I launched "One Million Strong for Women" last week, over 200,000 people have added their names and made their voices heard. But to reach one million, and to create the undeniable grassroots force we'll need to speak out for women's health, we need more than your signature.

So, once you've added your name, make sure to share our action with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, and help us reach one million strong to stand up for women's rights.

Thank you for your support, and for adding your name today.

In friendship,

Barbara Boxer
U.S. Senator

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I forgot to add that this nonsense has now gone way beyond contraception and family planning; it's about ALL health issues.

And isn't it typical that the panel discussing this is all male?  Makes me grind my teeth!  And I  like men...a LOT!

I will join the fight!




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