"Some atheist scientists with children embrace religious traditions for social and personal reasons, according to research from Rice University and the University at Buffalo "

"The researchers found that 17 percent of atheists with children attended a religious service more than once in the past year."

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When my sister-in-law was pregnant with her first child.  She toyed with the idea of taking him to a church, Unilateralist, for the social interaction.  That never happened.

Does this include atheist parents of Jewish background who still have their baby boys circumcised?

They are far worse!  They cut an important part of their sons off.   What just happened in San Francisco is a case in point.  After a very successful petition drive to pass an ordinance outlawing circumcision, the ACLU took up the case. On behalf of the little boys who are mutilated?  NO!  On behalf of those with the knives!  They represented Jewish leaders who think parents own children, and that god owns them.  Or did they? I suspect that some of the lawyers on this case were not religious.  I think that some who identify, only culturally, as Jews took a bloody hand in this shameful action.  "Tradition, tradition!"  (hear the fiddler on the roof?) It is a blot on the reputation of the ACLU and its work to defend the constitutional rights of the under-dog.

There was quite an uproar in American Atheists quite a few years ago when spokesman Rob Sherman had his son circumcised. Although an atheist, Sherman still identifies himself as a Jew and wanted to pass on his cultural identity to his son. The proper course would have been to leave the decision to the boy when turned 18.

Atheism does not mean logical or skeptical. We like to believe that most Atheist are logical or at least skeptical and have left all that superstition behind. But don't forget peer pressure, and mostly if they are closet or little F "a" atheist. I wish Atheist would grow some and stop hurting their kids just because of peer pressure from family. What a world that would be. 

Mine are atheist at birth and they have stayed like that. I did have to teach them how to think and interact with the mentally challenge religious kind. Its incredible how easy it is to show a kids how to think for themselves and how quickly they think religion is insane thinking. 


I know several atheists who attend church because his or her spouse does. It is very common for atheists who have a religious spouse to do this.

But how can someone 'love' a christian????   A christian is either stupid or delusional and therefore mentally il.   How can an atheist 'love' a person, whose faith impedes the respect for an equal person?   How can an atheist respect a christian enough to feel 'love'?

I would think it would be extremely difficult for an atheist to be married to an evangelical Christian, especially to someone whose entire life revolved around their religion. But it might not be as bad with a more moderate Christian who just goes to church once a week and that is the extent of his or her involvement with Christianity. It is like some couples who have different political beliefs, it can be a problem, but can be okay as long as certain topics are avoided.

Being that I wasn't atheist when I got married, I don't expect my spouse to turn atheist just because I did. My spouse believes in a god but isn't all that preoccupied with it. It doesn't influence his politics or even come up much in conversation. Should I proselytize and try to turn him atheist? Tell him how irrational he is? Divorce him because there's a rosary in his car?

If your atheism impedes your ability to love anyone who isn't exactly like you, it is doing the same thing as this hypothetical person's Christianity.

Love requires respect from the subjective point of the one who wants to love. 

I as an atheist cannot love a religious person, because I cannot respect him.

But for the same subjective reasons a christian cannot respect those, who are in his perception stupid god deniers.   Or a dowser cannot respect the skeptical dowsing deniers. 

One is if he believes what else does he believe and how can it impact you.

Two if children are involved and your letting him/her indoctrinate the children then your not Atheist but more of a theist who does not worship. A true Atheist would not allow the spouse commit mental child abuse about their sky daddy bad habits and how hell is waiting for all bad girls and boys who do not worship his exalted dictator. 

Now if he is a Theist like some of the father of the constitution well, then I for one see no big deal since those tend to not believe in a personal god. And if they don't believe in a personal god then there is not much there for them to object. 




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