One of the most hateful women I know is one of my neighbors (near my house). 

She's a pediatrician who has small children.  Her husband is also a pediatrician.  He is reasonably pleasant but standoffish. 

But she ... oh, man.  She's in the habit of giving me Horrible Glares.  Prolonged stares with her face curdled with hate.  For awhile I ascribed it to my walking my dog, a growly German Shepherd, past their house.  But even after I stopped walking my dog past their house, she was still incredibly antagonistic. 

She knows I have a severe dog allergy.  While I was still trying to live in my house (it makes me sick probably because of the dog allergen in it) I was eating outside, and once she walked her dog past me Very Very Slowly while I was eating, apparently to threaten me with an allergic reaction.  That is very aggressive!

I have never done anything unkind to this woman, and I think her hate is because she feels SO trapped.  She's surrounded by Structures, like a barnacle.  She has a House, she has Children, she has a Demanding Responsible Job, she has a Husband.  And I think she HATES being in all this and it is a real trap, and she is virulently, almost violently envious of me,who am without children and not working. 

It seems strange that someone would envy me, because I've had HUGE problems in my life.  My life has been a long struggle.  But she doesn't know about all that. 

It's still true that parenting encroaches more on a woman's life than on a man's, on average.  So the hatred of mothers who resent being mothers is a Virulent thing!

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That could very well be true. I mean, we all have struggles, even as single has trials and tribulations. But, I haven't honestly met too many happily married people. And by that I mean, people who truly are happy living a life of total monogamy to one person--their true love. If you believe in the one, true love thing. lol I've met people are happily married, but they are few and far between, it seems. There's nothing wrong with marriage if it works for ya, but my issue with it is that it seems to be a paradigm, much like religion, that our culture wants to thrust upon us, and if you don't wish to join this institution, you are somehow dubbed a loser. Look at all the commercials promoting dating sites...what is their main selling strategy? To appeal to people who are 'looking for marriage.' 'Our site was voted number one for relationships that lead to marriage.' I don't subscribe to all of that, either...and I get looks and comments, as well, Luara. ((hugs)) I'm sorry she is treating you this way!

It's only my guess, but that's the only reason I can think of for her bizarre venom. 

Being a doctor isn't all THAT stressful - the other doctors I know don't seem particularly stressed out. 

I'm not living there right now, I had to move out of my house because of allergies.  I was very sick when I was living there, for years.  I was in a semiconscious state, not feeling like myself. 

I just had ANOTHER damn allergic reaction.  I went to get my hair cut, and while I was getting my bike ready to go, somebody suddenly appeared, walking a big German shepherd.  I scooted away quickly, but I got exposed anyway.  It means I'll be sick and out of it today and tomorrow. 


ps  The funny thing is, her husband seems happier and relatively decent.  He goes sledding with his children down the street in the winter, when it's snowed and hasn't been plowed yet. 

It seems like he has fun with his children while she just feels burdened and harassed.  I can't know for sure, but that's what it looks like. 

It's hard to say, really...maybe he cheated on her. Maybe she feels trapped for reasons we don't know, and she could be envious of your single life. Many people I know who are married, don't seem happy to me in general. I just think it would be hard to know for certain, that this one person is 'it' for the rest of your natural life. lol When people take vows, their intentions might be there...but, it just doesn't seem like a practical choice, for the long haul. If it were, the divorce rate wouldn't be so high, so...something's not working. Just think our culture has created an unnecessary pressure upon people to marry, thus many feel forced. Not saying some aren't truly happily married, but since the majority are getting divorced, it would lead one to think most are not.

I hope you're feeling ok mention with seeing that dog yesterday, you might suffer with allergies today. I hope that's not the case. (hugs)

I hope you're feeling ok mention with seeing that dog yesterday, you might suffer with allergies today. I hope that's not the case. (hugs)

Thanks, but unfortunately my allergic reactions still last about 2 days.  They're getting milder, though. 

I avoid a lot of allergic reactions partly by going out absolutely as little as I can. 

But that's very limiting.  So then I go out, just a little bit - and I start having more dog allergy reactions :( :( :(

It might be very bad for my recovery from this allergy, too.  The last thing I need is allergic reactions. 

So when I have one, it's quite upsetting.  I eat carbs to try to give myself more energy, but that doesn't work very well. 

The winter is better - it snows here, people keep their car windows closed so the dog allergen doesn't get out, people aren't outside with their dogs as much. 

So hopefully over the winter, my allergy will improve a lot. 

With the doctor couple, I can see she feels stressed and harassed.  I've overheard her saying things to that effect, I can tell it from her face, etc.  So that's partly what my guess is based on. 

It's so unfair to the woman when she gets saddled with almost all the practical daily work of taking care of children.  I think this couple might be like that - and she's carrying the burden of being a doctor - plus being a mom to 3 children!!!  That would cause major stress. 


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