What's the weirdest argument you've heard about my you should have children?

Just wonderin'....I've heard lots in my 28 years of marriage!

I think the weirdest and most selfish argument that I have ever heard was, "Who's gonna take care of you when you get old?" Can you believe that? As if it's fair to conceive a child just to be your nurse when you get old?

Because of our decision to remain childless we have been able to retire early and set up a future where if we need to be taken care of, we'll be responsible for that ourselves. It's as if that is a foreign concept. Or do you think it's just grasping at straws to scare us into having children?

Sometimes I think people with kids just want everyone to suffer equally :o) and are a little jealous of childless couples. Just me, or have you felt that too?

I think it would be interesting to hear what people have used to try to motivate/intimidate/scare you guys into having children!

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I have always had the fear that It wouldn't be different, if i somehow had a child (my urologist would have some explaining to do) I fear that I would just grow to hate the child. Science forbid the little bastard be athletic and want me to go to his sporting events...

Whenever this subject comes up, I always get people who say "you need to hurry up and give your mom some grandchildren." When I ask why I have to when she has 3 other kids they don't have a answer. The conversation usually ends with them telling, "a girl will come along and change your mind." Yeah, right!
"Your sister has kids, so do your cousins, so you have to have the kids now, your next."

"But your a girl. Girls have to, guys can't." :P
I'm 25 so I'm sure the worst is yet to come, but right now the only flack I get is from my mom. She says she felt the same way when she was younger but that I'll "change my mind" when I get older...yeah right! I decided at 14 that I wasn't having kids and after 11 years of telling her the same thing I think she's starting to realize it's not my age and that I really am serious!

Kitty, My dad, who had sometimes been violent, made a decision easy: at 25 I didn't want to do to another set of kids what he'd done to his kids. I married a woman whose parents had died in a car accident. While in an orphanage, she was adopted and her adoptive father died. She didn't want to subject any kids to what she had known.

My husband is getting this from his family. I think completely the opposite--if your sister had kids, that means your mom gets to be a grandma, so it should take the pressure off everyone else!
I got some indirect, passive hinting at give-me-a-grandchild from my parents. But I know at least one sister of mine was way more direct than that with her son. When he was showing her around his first new home he'd just bought she told him, "I want to see a crib in this room!"


My nephew is still single and childless, but I don't know if that's by choice.

I also get from a lot of people both directly and indirectly that I'm incomplete without a child.

Then there's my favorite, "Having kids is my greatest accomplishment." No, learning to play guitar is an accomplishment. Building your log cabin with your own hands is an accomplishment. Getting knocked up/knocking someone up is nature. I'm glad you love your kids so much, I really am. But they're biology, not accomplishments.
"Don't you want to know what they look like?"

I guess genetic roulette is a plus... somehow...
I have had patrons, teenage girls, who have babies just so they can put their pics on Myspace.
that makes me sad and depressed
Yeah, I had a former friend who got knocked up at 14 and suddenly asked me if I ever thought about having kids. I said no. Some other time she said "you say that but I bet in 10 years you'll have 3 kids"...hmm, it's been 10 years now!

You know what that is? Misery loves company!
oh that is soo classic to use the whole "my greatest accomplishment" and their birth was their "the best day ever" and "it's a miracle" and "my proudest moment." Yeah like it's such a miracle that you had sex and that there are 6 billion people on this Earth.


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