Xojane--"Why I Hate Being Pregnant

My favorite bit:

"And the more I shut myself in, the more scared I became about leaving. How did I know some psycho bitch wasn’t gonna cut my gut open with a car key to steal my fetus and leave me to bleed to death in the Target parking lot? Did I really need to lay there dying helplessly, only to be gang-raped by the hobo encampment that lived in the recesses of the Target parking lot? I did not. Pro tip: Surging pregnancy hormones and a true crime addiction are not a good combination."

They're useless during pregnancy(which my sister is quickly proving--she can't stay on her feet for more than 5 minutes at a time, and I have to carry anything over 1 pound for her--because she just can't pick it up), and then they want us to worship them for something I could do too, if I wasn't aware of how a CONDOM worked.

Yes, I'm pissed.

My sister is getting praised for having a baby in a rat-infested trailer with a guy she doesn't even like to talk to, who's threatened to crush the adopted kitten's head because it was too close to him.

I'm just oh-so-thrilled.

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I don't know what to say, except the "father" shouldn't be trusted with a stuffed toy, let alone a child.

If you want to "blow off some steam", or listen to a fun song by someone who agrees with your sentiments, might I recommend the song Pregnant Women are Smug.

They want praise, for overpopulating the earth, have a sense of entitlement for doing something great, and having children from an assortment of "bad" reasons

  • To make a little "me".
  • To be able to teach a child not to make the same mistakes "I" did.
  • To carry on the family name.
  • Someone to take care of me when I'm "old".
  • Because all of my friends and coworkers are.
  • Because it's my "duty" to family, religion, etc.
  • My baby could cure cancer, end war, end world hunger, etc. (your baby could also become a mass murderer) 
  • To see what a combination of "me" and "my partner" would produce in our love.
  • Because it "just happens" when someone is sexually active. (Newsbreak: They've had reliable methods of birth control for quite awhile. See your doctor, pharmacist, or community health nurse for details.)
  • I just so WANT A BABY! (Get a doll. A baby becomes a toddler, then a child, then a teen.)

Good reasons for having children? I can't think of any!


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