It seems that if we are to create a church of Atheism, it must somehow 'elevate' us, or give us a greater sense of purpose, one that unfortunately has been honed, designed and perfected by the longstanding religious traditions. I found this talk on TED from Jonathan Haidt in which he goes into this adaptive quality that makes religious experiences (but not religion) necessary.


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Thanks for the post!

Hi, friend, u there? long long time...
all of a sudden the idea of a possibility of an atheist church (best call it temple) fascinates me..
it being used as a strategy to get nonbelivers is ironic (or rather a paradox?) that while nonbelievers are not necessarily anarchists (or are they?) yet they seem to shun the idea of being organized regularly as they dislike hierarchies, yet they need one to be effective.
exactly a catch 22 situation..!

A church of atheism's sense of greater purpose doesn't have to be anything like longstanding religious traditions. Those memes are designed to spread the religion at the expense of humanity's greater good. Our sense of purpose ought to be based on humanity's greater good.

(Reclaiming the original meaning of "I believe it", "What she said!", "Hear, hear!" No gods needed.)

The tools that religions have honed over centuries have been quite effective at reaching people on a basic emotional level, at creating motivated reasoning that upholds the religion over all else, that equates the religion with supposed "greater good".

We too can use them -- but we can start with humanity's actual greater good, and create reasoned motivation!

Stained-glass window with candelabrum and message: "Take control of memes"

On a similar theme, here's a "REASON" candelabra used to celebrate HumanLight:

HumanLight candelabrum/candelabra with "HUMANLIGHT" and the Happy Human logo on the base, and six branches with the letters of "REASON". Six pillar candles are labeled "RATIONALISM", "ETHICS", "ATHEISM AGNOSTICISM", "SECULAR HUMANISM", "OCCAM'S RAZOR", AND "NATURALISM".(Thanks, Ruth, for both of these pictures!)

Thanks for posting the substantial piece "Learn from marketing to save us all", both articulating a clear vision of that greater good -- saving what habitability our future might have left -- and expanding on how we could use the techniques marketers have learned from religions to create "religious" loyalties to products and brands.




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