If god(s) are all-knowing (omniscient, for the dummies) wouldn't it/he/she/they already be aware they don't exist?


Is it possible then that it/he/she/they only hang around to make the lives of the faithful a misery and to work with insurance companies by doing "acts"?

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I've often thought that many of the pantheons are sadistic sex clubs with a fetish for inflicting misery.

Jim Huber (www.jhuger.com), author of that wonderful parable "Kissing Hank's Ass", would say yes. He describes himself as a mystic atheist:

I felt what I took to be God's presence. [...] I asked how I could know it was really God. I knew, in a way that those of you who haven't had a similar experience just can't understand.
I asked if He existed. He said "No." Thinking I might know the answer to this paradox I asked if I should believe in him anyway. He said "No", not the answer I expected.

From his site's FAQ:

Q: So you believe in a creative "force" that acts without existing?

A: It's either that or visions aren't a reliable source of information. I wonder which it could be?


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