Apocalypses: Prophecies, Cults, and Millennial Beliefs through the Ages

This book should be required reading for all those proclaiming that "the End is near!" It was instrumental in my personal deprogramming from an apocalyptic cult.

Here's some of the Harvard University Press review of Weber's work:

Prophecies, Cults, and Millennial Beliefs through the Ages
Eugen Weber
Apocalyptic visions and prophecies from Zarathustra to yesterday form the luxuriant panorama in Eugen Weber's profound and elegant book. Beginning with the ancients of the West and the Orient and, especially, with those from whom we received our religions, the Jews and earliest Christians, Weber finds that an absolute belief in the end of time, when good would do final battle with evil, was omnipresent. Within centuries, apocalyptic beliefs inspired Crusades, scientific discoveries, works of art, voyages such as those of Columbus, rebellions and reforms. In the new world, American abolitionists, who were so critical to the movement to end slavery, believed in a final reckoning. The nineteenth and twentieth centuries' apocalyptic movements veered toward a lunatic fringe, and Weber rescues them from obloquy. From this more than two millennia history, he redresses the historical and religious amnesia that has consigned the study of apocalypses and millennial thought to the ash heap of thought and belief...


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When I quit a decade-long obsession with the occult to study Buddhism, I came to certain conclusions from all my reading. First, the gods, including Yahweh, Allah, and the entire pantheon of the Hindus, are nothing but projections of ourselves. A little known Greek philosopher wrote a book called "Voyage to Panchaea," one of the greatest put-on's of all time. His name was Euhemerus, and his theory is based on a supposed dialogue with a god on the island of that name. He was told that Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, all the gods were nothing so much as exceptional human beings, loved by all, feared by the enemies of the people, who died and were deified by their followers.

The second thing I learned is that, as was taught by the Cairo Mystery School, all scriptures and holy books are frauds, concealing the True Mysteries of the Ancients. These today can be found in such disciplines as theoretical physics, astronomy, archeology, and the study of Man, for the study of Man is the study of the Gods. Before he got as addicted to pharmaceuticals as the Priests and Priestesses of Apollo became addicted to the vapors of the Oracle, Elvis was on the verge of a euhemeristic apotheosis, and so were the Beatles. I had a photograph of Elvis going into an audience and gently holding a fainted spectator as if healing her: it is redolent of the images we are told in Angus and other writers pertaining to Dionysus, who was very likely the model of Jesus "Christ."

If you are interested in the Crusades, may I suggest you take a look at the 2007 Israeli film nominated for the Best Foreign Film Oscar: Beaufort. It shows how, 700 years since the Crusades, the Judeo-Christians were fighting Islamic peoples in Lebanon, which one MI7 insider told me was the result of the Egyptians' coveting Beirut's status as the Financial Capital of the Mideast. The more things change, the more they remain the same. Two scenes in the film that are seared in my mind: a sequence showing the Shabbat service just after a young bomb dismantler has blown himself to bits (an ironic sort of Kadish isn't it?), the Reb bobbing his head as he reads from Torah: "...the People Chosen before Time itself!" And when a D.J. starts off the morning by instructing the troops on the art of Kundalini Yoga. It is a brilliant film. Highly recommended.
That is so wierd, I was just talking to a friend of mine about Euhemerus 3 weeks ago. He was mostly telling me about what you refer to as euhemeristic apotheosis. Fantastic information, I must read this Voyage to Panchaea!
With "the end" so prevalent throughout history, has there been civilizations that predicted the anti-apocalypse? Beliefs where we all live!
With "the end" so prevalent throughout history, has there been civilizations that predicted the anti-apocalypse? Beliefs where we all live!

You mean the normal people?
has there been civilizations that predicted the anti-apocalypse?

Soviet Russia?
has there been civilizations that predicted the anti-apocalypse?

Soviet Russia?

Ironic that you should mention Soviet Russia in this way, Jaume. The father of my former cult relied heavily on the Marxist notion of class revolution combined with Biblical prophecies to create his unique brand of Armageddon.
Well, my comment itself was ironic, but it never hurts to realize irony can compound on itself in unexpected ways (the ways of irony are indeed impenetrable.)
The only book that I know of besides this one is Racing Toward Armageddon by Michael Baigent.




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