As most of us know, there are two main camps when it comes two religion and the end of the world. The first is the "no one knows the day or hour" camp and the second is the " end times are near" camp. So here's a thought. Say that we had two choices. 


Choice A: The end times can be known.


Choice B: The end times cannot be known.


If you choose A then when the day comes and goes all people of that religion would cease being religious. They wouldn't use apologetic's to weasel there way out. Rather they would realize that there religion was wrong and cease believing. 

However, Choice A does have the risk of those who are devout starting World War 3.


Choice B would mean that the end times could not be known. As such there would be no risk of an end times war. The religious would maintain some non-zero sum relationship with the world since they wouldn't know when their Savior would return.


However, Choice B does mean that some of those religious would continue to get in the way of science and would maintain that we should " teach the alternative". Which for obvious reasons, would restrict growth and development.


So, which would you choose, A or B?  

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I would choose "C."  Round all the motherfuckers up and put them in a rehabilitative therapy camp designed to convince them that belief in myths and superstitions is stupid.




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