I have something to say about this rapture bullshit.  I wrote Mirror Reversal before the End Of Faith and was the first to talk about the danger of the "endmeme." 


It's the blief that Christ or the Holy Prophet are coming to destroy the world.  All the major religions believe in Judgment Day.  


The Bible is full of self-fulfilling prophecies.  Hitler invaded Russia because he thought it was destiny. 


What worries me is that the endmeme carriers will destroy the world, througt GW or nuclear war, and then say, "I told you so, it's the will of God." 


It was put to waste four billion years of life on the planet. 





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Richard, "waste four billion years of life on the planet" is questionable. As everyone knows, the Booble says man walked with dinosaurs only 5 or 6 thousand years ago. ;-)
Excellent point, James. At best, Richard, the Armageddonists would be undoing a few thousand years of an unsuccessful experiment conducted by a narcissistic psychopath of a deity who even scrapped the experiment himself once. What would you expect from such shoddy craftsmanship?
Thanks for the comments James and Jason. This is my favorite line in the book.

The leaders of the church hierarchy don’t give a damn – ‘cause they believe the world is going to be destroyed anyway. And it looks like it will, in a self-fulfilling prophecy. What a cruel ironic cosmic joke! Books written by goat herders and fishermen, determining the destiny of mankind and the entire planet.

Your flippant responses are the only healthy way to look at it. I get pissed off, however.

When I see Sarah Palin or Mike Huckabee, (even the Mornon, Mitt Romney) I get mad. To think that these people might have so much power that all living and future life will be threatened.

Your “Lord, what fools these mortals be”-attitude is the best way to cope with it.
I can't remember who said it, but there's some quote about the only sane response to the insanity of the universe being either to laugh or to cry. I try to see the amusing side of things, but it's certainly true that the nutjobs threaten us all.

Sarah Palin completely freaks me out with her stunning ignorance-on-parade persona. It's astonishing that anybody thinks she's qualified to make public policy decisions. Huckabee and Romney strike me as being a bit more intelligent and less judgmental than Palin. Romney seems like a total chameleon, with no underlying convictions of his own. Huckabee is clearly less plastic than Romney, and he even seems likable, with occasional flashes of rationality. But yeah, I wouldn't want either of them as president, that's for sure.

It's important to keep blunt instruments away from severely delusional people, and there's not a blunter instrument than the Oval Office. It's clear that the poisonous delusions of religion are a danger to humanity. I think the best way to combat religion is thru the implementation and support of strong social safety nets, including fair and accessible justice systems, health, child, and elder care, equitable housing and employment opportunities, and education with an emphasis on science, logic, and statistics. When people know they have real support from society, they stop counting on imaginary friends and a reward when they're dead.

And since it takes time to move society in a more enlightened direction, you have to keep an eye on the nutjobs in the meantime.
Jason, we sure are on the same page. I wrote about Puck's line in the 70s. The only way to live a good life and have fun.

I study a lot of memetics and I'm amazed how many questions about history and human nature are answered by it.

Religion completely distorts and corrupts the host's worldview. Dan Dennett talks about a paracitic fluke that takes over an host ant's neurologic system. To my mind Christianity and Islam do the same.
I think it is well proven with around 5 thousand years of recorded human history that the only people in a given society who can acquire true wealth and power are the sociopaths.




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