So... I have a funeral coming up, sadly, for one of my best friends who died of cancer this past weekend. The funeral is in the UK and I live in the USA and I was agonizing over whether to go or not. It's expensive, I don't have enough vacation time, I have a fear of flying... and so on. Then, I found this - and after listening the decision was clear - I'm going. Hope others find it useful too.


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I have gone to some funerals I wished I hadn't, and vice versa.

But, there were a couple I did not go to, and it was o.k. in the end.

I have always felt it more important to try to get to see the people before they die.
I went to the UK last year to see my favorite cousin as he is elderly and has advanced emphysema, prostate cancer, colon cancer, and host of other "issues".
I had a good visit, and now a year later, I am facing the nearness of a funeral.
It will make me very sad, and I will have to think long a hard if I am going to try to go.
My grand-aunt is now in a nursing home, and she's 97.
She has no major illnesses, and her mind is still sharp as a tack.
She can't hear very well, or see either for that matter.

I'm trying to make arrangements to get out to see her soon.
I'd rather see her alive than in a casket.

Still, I think I would go to a funeral for my best friend, regardless of where it was taking place.

Thanks for that link!
You are so right about it being more important to see them alive! I visited my friend last year shortly after his diagnosis and had been calling him regularly over the past year, and I am very glad I did.




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