Given how much we remove from the sea, it's nice to see some people returning there. Atlantic Sea Burial.


 " natural Grade A untreated 10 oz cotton duck fiber material, sisal rope closure lacing, built in privacy panel and nickel plated chrome locking hardware — the finest system available for  ocean friendly biodegradable sea burials.


Really a lovely idea, I think. 

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For some reason I have an irrational fear of burial at sea. It's something to do with the fear of drowning, I know I'll already be dead and all, but still.

Also I wonder why they advertise the burial shroud as "more durable" - I mean isn't it supposed to biodegrade quickly in the sea? As opposed to sitting on the bottom of the ocean for years...?

Anyway thanks for posting that article !
I liked how the cannon balls are at the feel, so the corpse sinks feet down. I have an image of being like one of those blow-up clown dolls that you bax and it keeps standing upright again.

I guess the should needs to be durable enough not to degrade too fast and have the body float back up again before it degrades.

I feel apalled that we put so much resource and energy into false impressions of preservation and entombment, and on wasteful 'sanitary' methods like cremation. By looking into other options, Im hoping that people will discover they have a choice, and can make their own decisions. Thanks back for hosting this group.




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