We are getting to the point where people are starting to make online plans for their deaths - such as sending emails and notifying fellow gamers.


I think it would be cool if there were a way to assemble all of a person's online information into one single place - for after they die, or even while they are still alive. I personally have several email accounts, blogs (one current and one past), information on A|N, and so on. I could imagine someone being interested in that information after I am gone. Or, maybe I just have an overly developed sense of my own self-worth? :)


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I agree... how else would my family really get to know me, without judging me for who I really am.
There should be one place to keep all our blogs, email addresses, etc.

I've told my daughter where all my passwords, etc are, so if something happens to me she can cancel my acct.s on several sites... but what if we are together when IT happens...

yeah, I think you're onto something here...
Well, it turns out that someone else had the same idea. This is available now:






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