Here is my attempt to draw a graph that represents how much we value our time (i.e. time left before we die) as a function of time since birth. Initially we aren't aware of time (or, don't think about it at all). Then, we often get tired of life and wish it would move faster (when we are young and especially in our teens). Then at some point, we realize we are going to die and our time left becomes more and more valuable, until the very last second, when we would do anything to have a little more time.

"All my possessions for a moment in time."
-Queen Elizabeth I

Where are you on the curve?


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I am 45 but some of the things that push me closer to the death end is that I am HIV+ with the AIDS diagnoses, and that I have diabetes, and I have been exposed to Human Papilloma Viruse which greatly increases my risk of cancer.. I have no real idea of how long I would really be expected to live. Part of me will say the eighties as that is how long my parents made it, but I don't know what will really happen in five or ten years.

I also live with depression which sometimes makes live undesirable.

I do find that I am neither in a hurry to die, and have not mapped out to accomplish everything ASAP.

I guess that sums it up for me.
Hi Tedster, thanks for posting - it is nice to get to know the members of this group and A/N in general. I am 42 years old and do not have any serious illnesses yet (relatively minor problems like a kidney stone and a vision problem have come up so far). On the other hand I commute to work on the Dan Ryan expressway in Chicago which often brings me very close to death (!) Of my friends and family I have sadly seen a couple people die young who were very healthy - both car accidents. Death is funny, sometimes it takes the ones you least expect. Even though I am fairly young, I consider myself to be towards the far right of the graph. I value the time left very, very highly. Once I realized I was mortal I was at first terrified of death but am getting more comfortable with the idea as time goes on.




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