Natural Burial Info - an alternative to casket burial or cremation

Here is a description of natural burial from

"A modern natural burial is an environmentally sustainable alternative to existing funeral practices where the body is returned to the earth to decompose naturally and be recycled into new life.

The body is prepared for burial without chemical preservatives and is buried in a simple shroud or biodegradable casket that might be made from locally harvested wood, wicker or even recycled paper, perhaps even decorated with good-bye messages from friends.

A natural burial ground often uses grave markers that don’t intrude on the landscape. These natural markers can include shrubs and trees, an engraved flat stone native to the area or centralized memorial structure set within the emerging forest that provides places for visitors to sit. As in all cemeteries, there are careful records kept of the exact location of each interment, often using modern survey techniques such as GIS (geographic information system).

Planting native trees, shrubs and flowers on or near the grave establishes a living memorial and helps form a protected wildlife preserve. A completed natural burial preserve is a green place with trees, grasses, and wildflowers, which in turn bring birds and other wildlife to the area."

Here is a map of the 20 or so places that are either in operation or should be soon in the USA:

I would be interested to hear from anyone who has experience with this type of burial, is it really as good as it sounds, I wonder?


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This topic being on my mind, I'll resurrect the thread. In my area of Washington state there is a natural burial ground. You can also have your pet left there in a high cliff, for buzzards to complete the 'cycle of life' in their own way. But not humans.

I looked into burial at sea - it's legal, with some restrictions (distance) and is appealing due to not using toxic chemicals, no waste of steel (casket) or concrete (crypt) which are significant in our society and represent pure waste. And of course, you feed the sea life.

Burial at sea has the complicating factor that I could not figure out how to arrange it.

The natural burials here are basically just a biodegradable wrapping (shroud) and a hole dug by hand. And you feed the trees and shrubs.

I haven't experienced this type of burial. I would like to visit the preserve - here is the website.
It looks like a nice place, please write again and let us know how it is after you visit.




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