A friend recently mentioned to me that his uncle had been putting money away every month for his funeral. He wants to throw a huge party for his friends and family when he dies. The money has been steadily building up and is now around $30,000 -- that will be one hell of a party! So, that made me wonder - does anyone else out there have grand plans for their funeral, or any special or unusual last requests?? Personally, I would like to throw a party as well, but am terminally "sensible" with money (not sure why, just happened that way) so it will be a far less lavish affair than with the aforementioned uncle...!

"The finality of death is the coldest truth one must face.
Religion makes the perfect distraction."

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I'd like to have a traditional New Orleans style funeral... but I do not want anyone walking around at some wake looking at my dead body. Since I don't want to be embalmed it wouldn't look (or smell) that great anyway. I plan to be cremated to avoid that as well... but the whole jazz band to play the somber dirge on the way to the cemetery, then to break into a fast, jazzy, fun tune once I'm in the ground... that'd be good.
aside from the viewing of the body (kinda creepy) I am a fan of the Irish wake idea. Everyone gets together drinks heavily and tells stories about that person.
Here's what George Carlin wanted:




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