Here's a good article with ostensibly squeaky-clean Rick Steves in which he talks about why we should all be traveling more often:

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I decided to travel. My husband has never wanted to go anywhere with me, so rather than sit and mope about it, I go when I want, where I want, providing I have the money to do it.

I just got back from the Grand Canyon. I know don't need to go there again, but I still have quite a few places I DO need to see... most of the National Parks, and a couple of them AGAIN! Like Yosemite... very awesome place!

I've been overseas 3 times, and now I want to hit some of the destinations in the Southern Hemi too!
New Zealand would be nice, and Australia of course... but Galapagos Islands, Tasmania, etc.

I don't have much desire to see South America, except for Machu Picchu, or some of the other Mayan, Aztec, etc. sites.

Definitely do some traveling people! The world is only as large or small as you want it to be!
That sounds like fun! We just got back from a trip to Tennessee (Roan Mountain area) - beautiful countryside and mountains (Southern part of the Appalachians)! Big change from Northwest Indiana :) My wife and I have a bad case of wanderlust.




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