Walmart is selling caskets now (at their online store):

New slogan: "Save money. Die better" ??

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These colorful biodegradable coffins are SO much more interesting, clever, and touching than the Walmart caskets. The sunfloer theme is understandably popular. The box of chocolates theme is hilarious! Plus, they are cardboard so are environmentally friendly. Good for folks in UK, but will need to keep searching for US alternatives.

These biodegradable pine caskets are made in Portland Oregon, but are not so clever as the UK cardboard caskets.
Found some - woven willow baskets, banana leaf, cardboard you can decorate yourself, and bamboo designs. "Final footprint" It would be interesting to have a cardboard casket that people could sign like a greeting card, place their comments, thanks, celebrations on.
Thanks for those links Daniel.




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