I live in Western MA but I used to live right in Back Bay. I figured it's probably a bit unnecessary to create a separate group for the Pioneer Valley.

Me: rock musician from Northampton, MA, home of Smith College and right smack dab in the middle of UMass, Hampshire, Amherst, and Mt. Holyoke.

I've lived here since 97. Before that, New York City, and before that, Boston. I am now a Massachusetts homeowner and consider myself a proud Masshole. I travel tons for work and spend a lot of time all across the States, Japan and Europe. I have been involved directly and indirectly in various liberal causes and benefits for less political goals like combating hunger and disease.


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Good stuff. I'm sure there are a lot more Massholes out there who just haven't joined yet. :P

I'm a student in Boston hailing originally from a bass-ackwards small town in Ohio. I had to get into a larger and more liberal environment, and fell in love with Boston. I've only been here about a year, but I'm not leaving anytime soon. :)
Well, now three.

I live in North Eastern MA (Tewksbury), but am originally from Cambridge.
I work for an affordable housing/professional fund raising organization. I used to be heavily active in various activist circles in Boston, but have since retreated more to my own area. Still, I love the city and everything there is to do there, and also like going north for a good dose of nature, hiking, white water rafting, and whatever else I can find to do.

Good to meet my fellow Massholes, even if there is only two of you, at the time of my writing this. Come on, the rest of you, I know you're out there...
And then there were four... I feel like I'm in a reverse Agatha Christie novel.

Chip, I'm sure you're right about the many lurking Masses. This is Massachusetts after all.

I'm out in Upton, which is right next to the 495/90 interchange. Been here 3 years, previously in Camden, ME and before that, Boise, ID. I'm also one of those born-again atheists. I was part of the charismatic, evangelical movement for a good 20 years before I escaped from the island to discover the mainland of reason. More than happy to live in a bastion of liberalism and free-thought now.




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