The Hall of Remembrance

A group dedicated to the lives of those who are no more. Let it not be said that atheists do not mourn the deaths of those who meant (and still mean) so much to us.

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On Commemorations

This group is dedicated to those people, particularly agnostics, atheists, brights, freethinkers, humanists and secularists now deceased; who deserve to be immortalised in memory.

Through the power of the internet and the nexus we can compile a catalogue of those people who inspired us and elevated our thoughts and knowledge of the world, whose very existence enhanced our lives.

To that end, I ask that this group's discussions be 100% dedicated to the writing of commemorations, reserving reflections and musings upon mortality for the comments wall alone.

Members are asked to observe a degree of deference and respect in the comments made regarding the deceased, as mourners may well be in attendance.

For those who wish to write a commemoration may I suggest you; -

a.) Check that the person doesn't already have commemoration. (You may add your commemoration in the comments section of the original, or you might wish to add your own to the "discussion forum" by appending an appropriate identifier (a, b, c, etc ...) after their dates.

b.) Upon choosing to include a commemoration, you must include a discussion title of following format: - Surname, Forename (year of birth - year of death).

c.) Please include a comprehensive set of 'tags' to the discussion to assist in future searches (a minimum set of required tags will be formalised as we progress , but for now use your best judgement).

d.) If you are including words written by an author other than yourself, you are required have the permission before submission and must make all appropriate acknowledgements to that author (infringement of copyright is your own responsibility).

Needless to say trolling will not be tolerated on this group and will be reported in the first instance.

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