I'm not sure if this belongs here (Or perhaps Odditorium?) but I thought you may be interested in this woman's work Dallas Gaytheist. NO ANIMALS WERE KILLED for the sake of her art

None of the animals used in Sarina’s work were killed for the purpose of using them in her art. All animal components are recycled. She utilizes salvaged roadkill and discarded livestock, as well as the many animals that are donated to her. Donated animals are often casualties of the pet trade, destroyed nuisance animals and pests, or animals that died of natural causes. A very strict "waste not, want not" policy is adhered to in her studio - virtually every part of the animal is recycled in some manner.
This artist has a deep respect and appreciation for animals and the natural world. She is fascinated with the circle of life and intrigued with how different cultures honor their dead and deal with death...

you can even have your beloved pet preserved.


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Yeah, I've seen her stuff before. It really is quite incredible and bizzare. I've not seen any of these pics though. It's been years since I've seen anything she's done. I'm kind of okay with it, and kind of not. As long as she's telling the truth, that the animals were not killed for the sake of art, I guess it is okay. But then again, it seems a little disrespectful too, in a way, as if they are just play things. So I kind of have mixed feelings, especially because I think that they are really awesome, too.
I have mixed feelings as well.




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