2 weeks ago I was in Poland and there among the books of my wife's cousin's kids (6, 4 and 1.5) was an illustrated history book. I like those things and sometimes learn a new word or two so I browsed through it.
It starts right enough, universe, earth, billions of years, evolution, dinosaurs (sans humans!), cavemen, Egyptians, Greeks but then all of a sudden a chapter "The Bible version" and I kid you not it starts the whole thing again from Genesis, Adam & Eve, flood, Jesus this goes for a good 4 or 5 pages and then it's back to real history with the middle ages, renaissance, ...
There is no indication the the bible part is the fantasy part of the book, the illustrations are the same, it felt like it had the same authority as the part about the Egyptians.

How can people put those 2 very different views together in their minds?
How can they not see the indoctrination that books like that provide?

At least the children bibles (they had a whole row of those too) are honest about their content (though not less vile) we have a few of those (gifts from the same people no less) collecting dust somewhere until my daughter is old enough to understand and we can hopefully both laugh at them (throwing them away is at this moment not really an option, collecting dust is enough for me for now).

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