This discussion will go away once I figure out what I'm doing.

(That's sort of the purpose of The Sandbox, after all!)

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Please don't republish people's posts without their permission.  I do specifically do not give permission to republish posts that I have deleted.  You do not own those posts.

I gave people an extended chance, and multiple reminders, that the groups would be removed, so that they could review their own posts and save things that they were attached to.  I should not be punished for being thoughtful and considerate to others, regardless of whether you disagree with my cancelling the groups that I had created in the first place.

(Replied in email.)

And Daniel, feel free to leave your own message up in public for now, or not, as you wish.

This group will be going away soon.

Daniel, I miss you and your quotes. I hope you continue to share the ones that have meaning to you with us. I went to quotations of the day and saw that I had been blocked from that site, or something to that effect. I felt ... abandoned, I guess. It was a sad feeling. Of course, I realized that you set the date when the site would go down, and it did. 

I was also "suspended" from the two groups Daniel closed. Apparently that's simply how he deleted the content.




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