To extract the audio using (web-based; no apps etc.) Grinning Cat

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To extract the audio using (web-based; no apps etc.)

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I've changed my mind about recommending listentoyoutube dot com; these days the "click here to get your download link" inevitably jumps to some scary, irrelevant crapware link, at least once per session. It may be OK if you use it from a browser with an ad blocker and a script blocker (e.g. NoScript); even so, the last time or two I've tried it it hasn't been completely clean.

Community reviews at Norton Safeweb have been decidedly mixed.

youtube-dl may be useful; haven't tried installing and using it myself yet, and don't know if there's an easy and trustworthy non-geek wrapper for it out there somewhere. I'd be wary of other "Youtube downloaders", especially ones that are advertised.

Once I find a solution I'm comfortable with, I'll post about it in "How To Do It!" (unless a "techier" person beats me to it!)

Thank you, Grinning Cat, for the update on your recommendation. I will forward this message to my family and friends.

I always look forward to using the sites that you suggest we try; there are so many excellent sites that remain unknown by me and others. I can use all the suggestions I can get. 

You're welcome! And I can use good suggestions as well!




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