18 Nov 09 This did start out as me trying the process to see how to do it, but given the interest by others and the difficulties encountered in the discussion below, I though I'd edit this to better explain what needs to be done.

Always wondered how how people write a link as html without it converting to an actual link?

<a href="http://www.atheistnexus.org">Atheist Nexus</a>

If you write it as above you'll get the usual link that we're all familiar with: Atheist Nexus (This link will open in this window).

To avoid the text automatically converting into a link you will need to use special characters to write the angle brackets. They are:

&#60; to get < and &#62; to get >


&lt; to get < and &gt; to get >

Extra info for the reader's edification

If you want the link to open in a new tab or window just add target="_blank". To wit:

<a href="http://www.atheistnexus.org" target="_blank">Atheist Nexus</a>

which give you the link Atheist Nexus that opens in a new tab or window (depending on your browser settings).

Felch linking to Special Characters.

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American Atheists

< = <, > = >
You need to use numerical codes. These characters are reserved. Here's a list -


www.atheistnexus.org <-- gets automagically linkified (even when not explicitly trying to create a link)

w w w.atheistnexus.org <-- doesn't, but looks ugly.

How to defeat this?

Trying to insert a Unicode "Word Joiner" (invisible nonbreaking "space", like &nbsp; except zero-width) in between the w's (   &#x2060;  in HTML mode, or equivalently, the decimal form &#8288; instead -- it looks like these get parsed and replaced by the character they represent early, even when switching from HTML to WYSIWYG. Let's see if it works....

w⁠w⁠w.atheistnexus.org <-- ??? we'll see! suppresses the linkification!

And so should www&#8288;.atheistnexus.org (with the Word Joiner entered in HTML mode):

(Disadvantage: the Word Joiner is still an extraneous character, and can be a visible "unknown character" -- question mark, or rectangle, etc., perhaps with weird spacing -- if copied-and-pasted into a word processor or text editor. Is there a parallel to Wikipedia's <nowiki> tag?)

Trying another approach: interrupting the magic string "www." with an HTML comment:
www[EDIT: that exposed a bug, which truncated my posting at that point! I'm pretty sure HTML comments inside regular text, not being linkified, are OK... testing it here between these two asterisks: **]




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