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Wish no longer...you can watch any episode your little heart desires at the blog I added to the tardis home page...he has Planet of the dead on there..and he will have the new ones up as soon as they come out!! I'm never at the telly anymore...my wholove is filled thanx to his blog!!
He has EVERYTHING? This solves so many problems.
yes, it is so awesome..even episodes from the first doctor "Grandfather"...now if he sold real sonic screwdrivers, and made it possible for me to travel with the doctor...
We can dream, Leslee. We can DREAM.
Yes, DoctorMarie, we can..yes we can. That said...I must go tend to the boy, and then go dream of far off places in the TARDIS!! Welcome Back!! :)
I am THRILLED to be back. Have a good night!


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