In the latest episode 'The Beast Below'


Do you think the Doctor gets a little too angry? or is he justified?

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nah he's justified. He has his reasons......and William said it best I believe....

William to me: "It seems like this regeneration of the Doctor has a lot of contempt for humans. We seen glimpses of this in the ninth and tenth incarnations of the Doctor. Yet in both episodes we have seen the Doctor looking down at the human race. Does this have anything to do with what happen to his own people and him not wanting to see the human race go down that very same path? Could it be that he could not save his people but he be damned if let the same thing happen to humans."

He's bound to get a little angry...I liked angry Doctor. Proves his sort of madness, genius, lonely timelord persona. 10 got angry a lot, too. The Doctor has always been contemptuous. Even the first doctor cared little for the human race...threatening to even kill one with a stone before Chesterton asked what he was doing....
good question!
I agree....while he loves the human race he is frustrated as well...even in The Time of Angels he mentions having to save us....and that we breed like rabbits.

He wasn't trying to hurt the star whale but sort of numb it to its put it in vegetative state so it wouldn't feel pain anymore.

Matt Smith has blown me away since The 11th hour...but I'm finding myself loving him more and more every show.


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