Do they still have Doctor Who conventions? I would LOVE to go to one. And dress up and all that dorky shit! Hmmm, what to dress up like: dalek, Doctor, cyberman...

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That is funny! I guess I will see you fellow Whovians in Chicago!! Who will you dress up as?
Absolutely, it would be cool to all meetup there! I'm sure one would be closer though. Chances are I wouldn't be able to make it to any of them anyway. It would be something I would have to start planning way before hand (babysitters and whatnot). But it would be frackin' awesome! Maybe you could dress up like Donna Noble! :)
I thought you'd like that bit of sarcasm...and yes! it is battlestar! :)
That would be so funny! (not the suicide part, that would suck)...You would make a pretty Noble! I think you would be ok, there probably aren't that many fans who would kill you for being annoying Noble. We won't hold it against you.
I'm done now! I promise no more Donna Noble jokes! :) But you should still dress as her if you attend the convention!
yes, I say I am done...but in my evil ways, you might just find anther video. You will look good with long red hair, you should wear the wedding dress, from The Runaway Bride!!
We could rent one for you because that would be righteous!! Or, you could just wear the boring brown leathery jacket she wears! Either way, the red wig will be so very funny in itself!
I'm sure you still have it! That would be great fun to see!
Woohoo! Okay, now I'm off as well! Till next time!
guys, that is wrong. Holey moley! Yea, it does make one's eyes linger towards it. god that is funny!

Nikkita, if you dress as Noble, you must wear the mole...because that is Noble. And people will say 'damn, he looks just like Donna Noble down to the mole'. you are sure to win the contest, if they have one. but you must wear the mole, and the wedding dress. fun, fun, fun! be the mole.
Okay, I'll let that one go!




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