I don't like it....I think it should be something grand and futuristic with an old skool retro look.....I don't even like how the D and the W are made to look like the TARDIS...blah. What do you think?

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Good point! :) Also, if the theme song still rocks I'll be a happy Whovian!
It's nice for what it is, but for me personally, a lot of the appeal of Doctor Who comes from the overall campy feel of the show. This is almost too slick.
Not only are they changing the logo..which I can get accustomed to....and don't really mind, they are changing up the sonic screwdriver, too....and the psychic paper..which is cool...because each Doctor should have his own... Here's a link:
I can't wait to see all these new changes!!!!!
I don't like it, but I didn't like the 80's glam rock logo and the Star Wars looking Logo in the final years of the old series either, and still watched the episodes. Ultimately I don't think it will be the thing that affects my opinion of the show overall.
I'll always watch Doctor Who..regardless of the logo!! I just have this feeling of too much change all at once!!! But it won't affect my viewing the show!
my feelings exactly. I fear that it will change drastically, but I will continue to watch...Unless they make some huge mistakes (but they haven't made a big enough mistake to make me stop watching yet, and I've watched every episode I could get my hands on from the beginning).




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