The T-shirt link posted previously made me want to give a shout out to the Doctor while waiting for the spring start of the new season.
Much to my lament, either no-one reads my facebook political and religious views responses, or they missed the reference.  It is posted below because my ego needs some attention. 
Thanks guys for being here.

Political Views: Vote Saxon
Religious Views: The Angels have the phone box

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Wonderful. :D For the longest time my religious views was: Church of the Children of Time. Nice Vote Saxon too! I might have to put that on there. :D For a while my status was the drum beat and a few of my Facebook friends got it. :D
Awesome!! :) I saw a Vote Saxon shirt as cafe press...I could go broke there!! And, no one gets my Whoferences. On my fb info box it says: I'm a Time Lord. How sad that ppl don't get the awesomeness of Doctor Who!! I love that...I'm gonna have to find you on fb so that we can all be geeks together!!
Whoferences - new favorite word.
I'm not sure which of the two Leslee Love's is you, but I use my full name on Facebook and I'm pretty sure I'm the only one.
Michelle Rene' Purkes Guzman
Let's do that: let's find one another on fb and just geek out!! You can find me there as Leslee Love.
My facebook name is Gabrielle Rose. Should be the same photo there and here. :D That would be fun! :D Once, I saw a girl with an iPod t-shirt but it was a Dalek. We talked about Doctor Who for a good half hour! :D


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