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I' m watching this now....and they really haven't changed much in structure, voice and design! Sure, they've evolved, but it's interesting to see that they haven't changed as much as the Cybermen have....And I can't wait to get to them...!! I'm having to start all over in watching from the beginning because 1. I want to and 2. I forgot where I've left off (which I'm thinking was just after The not too much farther!)
I think they have gotten a little harder to defeat, as well. Mud in "the eye" just doesn't cut it anymore!
Well, I think they proved that when Wilf in the Stolen Earth tried shooting one in the eye with a paint-ball gun and it burned off. That was so cool...
Hahahah!! it's so funny!! Barbara actually put mud in the eye....and then the Doctor (Grandfather) and Ian (Chesterton) started grabbing it and twirling it around....that must have been what set them off and made them the feared monsters they are today!!! LOL!! :p
The biggest thing I remember is the whole issue of "stairs". There's always been the joke about the Daleks not being able to go up the stairs. But then, I think it was Remembrance of the Daleks, I explicitly remember the Doctor running up some basement stairs only to have the Dalek go after him. I will admit, I was horribly scared for the Doctor. The blanket was up to my eyes!
Haha...awwww. Those Daleks are cunning, and wickedly clever.
To be simple: I think the Dalek's are too iconic to change, physically at least. There certainly has been some character evolution, like stairs no longer being their greatest weakness.
lol...nope, they just ELEVATE. You're right...but they are looking mighty good these days!


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