But what do you think of the kiss/snog/smoochy-smoochy scene!? I loved it. Very true....and real.....

I'd like to kiss him, too...he's the Doctor...he's brilliant, he's kind, he's mad and handsome.....but did she go too far in trying to get him to bed?? You know how those redheads are ;)))))) :p 

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On a more serious note...check out my blog for (a few) notes on Flesh and Stone......I just wanted to have a bit of fun tonight. ah smoochy smoochy. :*
Beware...they are just random thoughts and quotes, actually they're just quotes I found interesting and a few annotations........please feel free to post your notes!
hahaha..really!? Oh no!! Definitely not the Rose/10 romantics....that's for sure. I think she just got lost in the heat of the moment.....it's over now.
No, I mean, I thought it was cute and I definitely enjoyed the Doctor's reaction, but I don't like how Amy went from zero to hero in roughly 5 seconds. Didn't make sense to me.

I think I'm just having a hard time with the new series altogether. I miss the long speeches.
Are you enjoying the series, though, apart from the missing "long speeches"? I think it's brilliant....and honestly I am loving Matt Smith. I think it's brilliant (wait, I already said that). What do you mean hero?
Sorry, by 'zero to hero' I meant 'zero to little attraction to the Doctor to OMG BABY MAKING TIME'.

I think Matt Smith is doing a fine job, and I like that he's carving out little gestures and phrases for himself, but Moffat is trying so hard for RTD mushytime and it's just not doing it for me yet.

And don't get me started on River Song... Although I LOVE that they've basically said she is a villain in this episode.
LOL, yea I agree.....that did come as a Major surprise to me. The whole going to bed thing may be too far. The kiss----nice.

Matt is just great---I love the way he looks (with his cocked head and piercing eyes) and the way he stands, and his mad and classic Doctor ways. Moffat just needs to be the Moffat we all know and love.

I've never really liked River Song...yes, she intrigues me....but I'm no fan, especially now. I just don't know. She's tricky. And she made the tardis all boring...."blue boringers" who the hell is she!!!!?
I thought the kissing sceen was funny but also she did kinda jump him. He was her childhood hero not her heart throb... I can see logic in it (a mans logic :P) That she's thought about him since she was 7, she was getting married and then ran away with him (obviously her man isn't right for her) and thus thinks "Why not have a few laughs"... but I don't know many women who would act the same. Just doesn't make sense... Then again, I don't know many women who time travel, or men for that matter! ha! lol
Ummm, well, under the circumstance it is kind of surprising it took so long. She has been thinking about it for ages and to have him really there. Perhaps I'm assuming a great deal of complicated things that lead up the the scene, but I think it had been in her mind a bit sooner than she acted upon it.




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