If you don't know who River is - stop now if you don't want to know yet...


I need some help with piecing it together.  Please forgive me because I'm really hopeless at remembering names, places and series.


So here in Australia we've just had the end when we find out that River Song is Amy's daughter - but she's time lord because they were in the Tardis when she conceived.


Is anyone further ahead than that?


OK another question - do you remember a couple of years back, they went to that place with a war going on - and the doctor had a clone made of him that was a female?  Well I presume that was a time lord?  Anyhow what the hell happened to her?  Is she going to come back?  Where has she gone?  Have the writers forgotten her?


Also back to River Song - she dies a few seasons back - with the last doctor in the shadow place and the doctor puts her into the computer with her mates.  So if the doctor dies - like he's going to in the future, in the sea killed by the girl in the spacesuit, and River takes over, then she dies - what then?



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You've got the first part. The baby was named Melody Pond, which the forest people translated to River Song. She was conceived in the TARDIS and has some Time Lord characteristics.


Also, with her dying in the Library, you need to remember that her time line goes in reverse, so the Doctors first meeting with her (in the Library) is in her future but the Doctor's (and our) past. The first time she meets him is the last time he sees her and vice versa.

We're all only as far as just finding out who River is....just that she's the daughter of Amy and Rory and that she has Time Lord DNA....because she was conceived in the tardis. We still have yet to find out anything else about her until next half....which will be in the fall. :) Yay! 

Also....to the female clone question:  are you referring to Donna?? She was the DoctorDonna, but then the Doctor had to obliterate her mind, which means she's just Donna again and has no recollection of having ever been the Doctor....and if she is ever reminded of it....well, goodbye Donna. 

Back to River.....what Ava said. But we must remember that we're not exactly sure if that was in fact the Doctor....could be his ganger like many are suggesting.
Oh of course - the ganger - I forgot about him. So we don't know why the spacesuit comes and kills him anyhow - whether he's the ganger or the really doctor?

Re the clone of the doctor - no I'm not talking about the doctor Donna - I'll do some research and see if I can find it....

The episode might be called the dr's daughter - but she was actually a clone of him. She escaped in a pod I think.


"In a veritable Who's Who of Doctor Who, 10th Doctor David Tennant is marrying Georgia Moffett, the daughter of 5th Doctor Peter Davison, who played the Doctor's daughter in an episode of Doctor Who. Except that the Doctor's daughter was a clone of the Doctor, which meant that she really was Who. So a newer Doctor is marrying an older Doctor's daughter, who is a clone of the newer doctor, but only has half the DNA of the older Doctor.

here we go series 4 episode 6 - the doctors daughter - she took off in a pod and we haven't seen her since!
Ah yes...the doctor's daughter...not sure what's going to become of her.....there has been speculation of her return...like imminent return, but I'm not so sure....me, the skeptic and all. Not sure what Moffat's going to do with her! Thanks for the links...I would def like to see her return. I think after finding out who River Song is, it's sort of put the return of the dr.'s daughter to rest....for now.

So, my very first reply in AtheistNexus. Let's see how this goes...


The Doctor's daughter is one of many lose ends from the reign of RTD. Like for example the Aristocracy in Planet of the Dead "We're ready for anyting!" - what was all that business.


Well, we know that River is Amy's and Rory's daughter. But she is in prison for killing a good man. Who is that? And furthermore, when the Doctor finally figured out the identity of Rive, he promptly ran of to go somewhere. Where did he go? Why couldn't he transport the people home, he has a freakin' time machine.


Oh well. Muffat is messing with us

"Bout Jenny, the female clone of dr who there were talks about a spin off series but it was just talk...unfortunetly:)
Well, spoiler alert.

She uses up all her regenerations... so she's probably more in line with DoctorDonna than time lord now.


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