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Just thought i'd share this with you all. My daughter is 3 next week (time flies) and we have already got her well into the Doctor - she was gripped from the first time she saw the crack appear and already is a fully fledged fan of all the Doctors. Tom Baker is her favourite. Anyway my husband who is a very practical sort has decided to make her a half scale TARDIS for her birthday. Its not finished yet but i've put a work in progress photo up for you. His next project after this is a working K9 - done using sheet metal rather than GRP as he is a welder/fabricator and autoelectrician.


Will put up more photos once its done if people want.

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That's awesome!! :)

My 11 year old is going as the 11th doctor for Halloween and my 4 yr old walks around with his ss. Good times. Nothing wrong with getting them into a great sci fi show at a young age!!
My 11 year old LOVES k9!
Cant wait to see more pics!
Well the TARDIS signs arrived today from the USA. My Hubby did a Star Wars fan in Texas a huge favour in identifying a prop and he made the signs in return. It also is now painted. He just needs to make the top section

Oh and I forgot to mention this is a super low budget project - its made mainly from an old ikea bedframe and some laminate flooring planks we had already.
Looks really good!! What a great idea!!




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