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combom had this posted on his blog...it isn't so....he signed on for a three year contract (could've done 5)...and will do at least 2....(which is what the article implies :/ ) There are Matt haters out there....those who want Tennant back..and it's pathetic and pissing me off. They don't even need to be watching DW if they can't get over Tennant. I'm getting peeved with all the RTD haters too. I mean my god let's say Terry Nation was the best writer and get all pissy because he doesn't write anymore....and let's get all pissy because Tom Baker's not the Doctor anymore. Geez I'm over it.

Matt's doing a BRILLIANT job, SM is a genius, Pond is wicked great and it's gonna get so much better. Tennant fans need to reallllllly get the hell over it. Doctor Who made Tennant .....not the other way around. DW will be around long after DT, and was before DT.
But who knows....he could very well leave (hence the leaving at 2 years).....depends on ratings. He may not want to step over his boundaries....Eccleston left because he didn't want to be stereotyped as The Doctor....which ahem, too late---you are CE. Sorry. Same could be true for MS....and is for DT (even tho they are ALL brilliant actors!!) And they really are.

BTW, I'm not so sure MS is even still dating Daisy...so this article seems pretty bunk for sure. I hate to see MS go....just like I hated to see alllllll the other doctors go....but the show lives on. Incidentally, I did not cry when DT left....they wound me all up and I was actually okay with it....it was time for him to go....

I'm anxious for series 6!! Bring on the Neil Gaiman episode!! :)
Wait, Neil Gaiman wrote something for series six? Why have I not heard of this yet?
ah yes...Neil Gaiman....can't you just imagine the episode!! "The House of Nothing"....ah his gothic science fiction!

I appreciate and love him even more after this. Goes with what I've been ranting about lately....hey people .... GET OVER IT....DAVID TENNANT'S GONE!! Move on.
A three year contract is a strong indicator it's just the Sun being ridiculous. However unlikely that may or may not sound.
Matt is fine. This doctor is a little hyper for my tastes, though. I was very disappointed that Christopher Eccleston only did one season. He was more to my taste than either Tennent or Matt. And I must be in the minority, but Amy Pond does absolutely nothing for me. I do like River Song. But all in all, any doctor is fine with me. I love seeing him played by multiple actors. I wonder what they'll do when he reaches his last regeneration.
I really liked Eccleston too, but David grew on me and Matt was a pleasant surprise.
I love Eccleston! His sardonic wit was refreshing. Tennant's childish, fun, clever antics were well, fun! His chucks, handsome face and hair were nice too.

There's something about Matt that I just can't get enough of! Today might be a series 5 marathon! ;p heehee. I've loved him since The Eleventh Hour! He's mad, sardonic, sarcastic, absent-minded, brilliant, clever, genius, cute, handsome, smart, funny, classic, dorky, nerdy, geeky and awesome. I love his bowtie, fez and mop. His new sonic screwdriver is durable and classic.

Oh and I don't care what Liz 10 says about his hair....it's hot. And Amy needs to quit baggin' on his bowtie....bowties are cool.
I have to agree with Leslee Love. If you have been watching DW for any length of time(especially if you've watched the now old old episodes from the start) then seeing a new doctor is to be expected. Having said that the only thing to possibly get gripy about would be the story line.
Personally speaking I liked Eccleston the best, I just think he was the best fit. But the reason I think some are annoyed with Tennant leaving is because he was the Dr. the longest, and if you've never seen the originals then it might touch a cord.
From my point of view I liked Tennant's energy I think he was the most interesting in the new series so far. I like Smith but so far I think the way he is written is a little off, but I'm thinking I'm just not used to him yet and am not sure where the story is going yet. But like everyone out there should be at least trying is to give it a chance to grow on you, after all it took almost a year for me to get used to Tennant and I ended up loving his depiction of the Dr.
I think most Americans started DW with Tennant...so it's natural for them to feel that way. I love Eccleston, too. I liked Tennant's childish, clever antics....but Smith excites me! Every doctor is genius in his own way....I adore them all. I hope Americans (I'm American as well....but I get it :p) will begin to understand that the Doctor regenerates...and we all get a little sad....a lot sad, but it's what happens.
I'm anxious to see where we go with Smith, Rory and the spicy Amy! :)
I enjoyed Tennant as soon as he came on....and didn't even miss CE....but I loved CE a lot! I wonder how I'll feel when MS leaves....understanding for sure....but hmmmm. Which leads me to my next Q....see discussions!




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