So Pete added a comment to the TARDIS page and with that said let's discuss what the new episode could be all about!! What monsters do you think will reappear (which I doubt they will for a while at least), or what new monsters will lurk? How do you think the Doctor will die thus causing his regeneration? Do you really think The Master will return? Any other questions, or speculations????? And what about Rose??? She is speculated to return sometime in the new episode, and so will the human Doctor Who! Ooooowee I am too excited!!! Anyway discuss away TARDIS companions!!

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I can't believe my DVR missed the Dr Who episode last week! Because they have renamed the episodes now to include the show name - I cannot set my DVR to select just "Dr Who" it must be "Dr Who: The Next Doctor" or the next one "Dr Who: Planet of the Dead" So that sucks!




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