I'm confused about what happened to River Song. Is the Doctor somehow not married any more?

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It was an unofficial wedding, really. I mean, they weren't like REALLY, really married. 

How do we judge what counts as official when the characters exist across space, time, jand multiple universes? As far as I'm concerned they called one another husband and wife, good enough. It would just have been nice for some explanation of how River Song is now out of his time stream or something.

there was a few blurbs about it... for example, the first time he meets river is the day she dies, so it was implied that eventually they would stop meeting since they are meeting in random order - though generally he gets older as she gets younger. 

I still think it wasn't a real marriage to begin with. River married a robot Doctor.


Naah! Still counts because he was inside of it, in control. So it was his proxy.

Were they ever married? After all, she "married" a robot facsimile.




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