We are at the season finale and the end of an EPIC season!! I say we all try to meet here to discuss the show after everyone has seen it to discuss what we thought was the best of the series, the worst, the most tear-jerking, the brilliance of it all!! I realize we are all on different time zones....but comment when you can and let's discuss! 

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Watched it just before the football game. Ya, Germany!

WTF, I am confused. You can't do that! Change your present before the future happens. Can't rescue yourself. I guess the writers got lazy and couldn't figure how to rescue the doctor without BS.

Disappointed but it was enjoyable.
Hi! It's great to find a group that is not only non theist but also likes Doctor Who! This post is troubling, to say the least. Are you saying the Doctor Who series is ending? I thought the show would go on forever! The show has always been on-again-off-again, but has there been some sort of announcement? That really is too bad!!!
Check the time stamp and then check your blood-pressure, Connie. ;-)  This was from last year's season finale, that's all.  No worries.
Thank you Pirate. Worried there for just a minute! We watch the "Blue Box" on Netflix on my iPad because we don't have TV. I've watched up to ep.13 season 5. Is there a season six? Am looking forward to finding all the bits people are posting about. This last ep. was THE BEST!!!

There have been 7 episodes of season 6 so far and I'm anxiously awaiting more.  Don't miss the Christmas special "A Christmas Carol" VERY well done and not at all religious despite the title (though realistically, neither was the original Dickens story).

And there's more coming! Can't wait for the return this fall!! In the meantime,I'm enjoying some Torchwood! We get the next half of series 6 in the fall...and then we'll get a 7, too. Lots of DW....don't worry Connie. Matt's in for the long haul!! DW's not going anywhere!

I'm confused. The end of Dr Who? Then how is this trailer for a 2012 season possible?

Who said it's the end of Doctor Who? It's not....we've got lots more Who to go. We've got s7 coming up, a xmas special and plenty more from what I understand. I saw that trailer a day before it came out and was squeeeeeling with excitement! :) I'm also excited to see Jenna Louise in action! 

Someone else on this thread thought it was the end. Again, check the timestamp...it was the series FINALE. 

Oh, okay SEASON. In the UK, they call them series. 




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