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I just thought it was funny that he saved the lives of two characters, verified Rose's happiness, and hooked up captain Jack, of course.
I was hoping for some Dr. Donna moments, but overall I liked the episode. The new kids enthusiasm and commitment was impressive. Tennent is a hard act to follow on that score, so it was a good surprise.
Now, maybe after we've had the same doctor for bit longer we can get a red-headed girl doctor.
I agree about Matt Smith. I was all ready to cry when Tennant was going through his whole thing, not wanting to go, then all the sudden, BAM! Here's the new kid, and he has so much enthusiasm from the first second he's on screen that you realize, hey, this new guy might not be too bad after all!
I always seem to be a few days late with these but here goes.

Honestly, I thought the two parter wasn't very good. The first part really fires you up, gets you excited "Oh the Time Lords are coming back, awesome". The second part just lets you down. They got Timothy Dalton to play the Lord President, he's a total psycho, it had all the makings of something epic. What do they do? Waste it. Just as the whole evil Time Lord thing is coming together it just sort of peters out. I feel like they tried to stuff too much into two episodes and they waste almost half of the second episode on the Doctors regeneration. Any of the plot points with the Master taking over the Earth, Gallifrey falling out of the sky on Earth, the Doctor Donna could have been developed and made into whole episodes in and of themselves. In the end it's just too half baked and convoluted for me to call it "good".

The regeneration was way way wayyyyy too long. I won't echo everyone else's comments here, my main complaints have already been brought up by others. What I will say is a bit weird is how the TARDIS is getting destroyed by the awesomeness of his regeneration, but his clothes don't get ripped. Whatever, minor nitpick. Someone told me that the reason for this is because the Doctor had set the TARDIS to self destruct, but I really don't remember that.

I'm gonna watch the two episodes again, see if I pick up on some of this stuff. I might post back later.


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