This is really confusing.  I just finished season 2 and got a bit teary eyed at Susan's departure then put in the next disk about the Amazons or something and ta-da, she's back.  It was really weird for me.  Does anyone know about the order of these or what happened?  Are there more of these incidents?  Are these considered part of the 'normal' series or are they more like the movies?
Explainations would be most appriciated.  Thank you. 

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You're watching them out of order. Susan left at the end of the second story of the second season. There are 7 more stories in that season.
Thank you, the disks were labeled 1 of 2 and 2 of 2, the bastards.
That's a lot to fit on two discs. I think you have some missing. I have the complete Doctor Who on my computer. That season is 9.56GB. There are 39 episodes total. Only 2 are missing. That comes out to about 14 hours assuming the typical 22 minutes each. Since the typical burned DVD only holds about 4 hours at that image quality (closer to 8 for pressed or DL discs, though I wouldn't expect those from a source that mislabels like that), I would expect a few more discs.



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